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    Collaboration between parents, their children, and the staff of School is an important factor that helps us create a caring environment preparing each child to be developed and flourished in life. Students are supported and constantly helped to achieve the highest possible standard. Intense follow-up ensures no one slips through the cracks.

    14853241_10209708401639685_9005796247395357183_oHowever, some students neglect their responsibilities and parental involvement becomes necessary.
    When needed, parents are called in to the school. Alternatively, parents who want to find out about their children may call the school for an appointment. Parents receive periodic reports monthly and one at the end of each term. In addition, parents may meet with Academic Quality Control or ask for a copy of the record at any time. Parents are given advice with respect to guiding their children in their work at home. When teenage children fail to do their work, they may be invited to attend after-school study for a few weeks to be given remedial work and assisted with study techniques.