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    About U.L.S School!

    United Language School is located in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Dr. El-Sayed Hendi (Director) established United School in 2010 to provide the best possible educational opportunities for students.

    As you walk through the doors of United School, you will experience enhanced educational programming and numerous activity options. You will have the advantage of learning and working in a state of the art facility that designed to accommodate the learning communities of core classes, exploratory classes and activity areas.

    Located in El-Ras El-Soda area, United School is easily accessible. To allow for the growing school community, the owners purpose built a three gated compound to house the students starting with preschool up to grade 12.

    The compound is fully equipped with science and computer laboratories.  Outdoor play area has been designed to facilitate outdoor sports. There is also a seating area that can be used during the break times, for students to enjoy their snacks.

    Although a large school, United embraces the learning communities by adapting to work as groups and teams. This setting allows individual relationships with teachers and creates a strong sense of belonging for students. The classroom settings are spacious and conducive to learning. Pre-K to Kg2 are all provided with projectors and smart board systems that bring technology to the class. Multimedia rooms are provided for other grade levels. Our library is also home to books and resources that encourages and promotes learning and research.

    A comprehensive curriculum focused on strong foundational skills in language arts, math, social studies and science provides the core of the curriculum. Specialist subjects are also offered in German language, physical education, library, music and art.

    Our Mission

    The mission of ULS is to provide an extensive range of learning opportunities with global perspectives that enable our students to:
    1- Realize exciting and challenging academic, athletic, artistic and other goals.
    2- Become effective communicators.
    3- Contribute to others through sharing their resources, talents and skills; so that in turn, they can enter a college of their choice, define and shape their future.

    Our Vision

    ULS presents a sustainable environment that is driven by student learning. Moreover, ULS promotes the development of intercultural competence of 21 st century skills.

    Our Philosophy

    • Family is the primary influence on a child’s development and learning.
    • Honesty and respect are essential in building and maintaining successful relationships.
    • People are accountable for their actions.
    • The desire to learn is an intrinsic human quality.
    • A supportive, positive partnership among school, family, and community fosters successful learning.
    • All children can achieve high academic goals within a supportive learning environment.
    • Meaningful learning is enhanced through active involvement in the learning process.