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  • Our beliefs

    In ULS we believe it is crucial that the educational process isn’t just about  sending our children to school. It needs a network of both parents and teachers. Thus, we work hard to provide our school with skilled teachers, up to date equipment and educational materials.

    Our students in “U.L.S” are different from any other students. As, we try to enrich our students’ knowledge, we build up their characters through encouraging them to face the current challenges. Thus, our school tries to select the various and up-to-date competitions and programs to achieve our aim. The ELL “English Language Learners” teacher will screen ELL students to determine their ELL level. Their level must match the appropriate ELL level for the grade level in which they are enrolled. We also care about teaching our kids the basics of the language skills “how to have good hand writing and to pronounce sound well”. We also take in consideration the individual aptitudes and capabilities reaching high levels of education and character building.